We use a variety of very different methods to customise your garment order but they all benefit from extra care when washing. All printed garments are prone to fading over time but following the guidelines below will help extend the life of your garments and keep them looking new for longer.

Turn your garment inside-out for washing and drying

Avoid other garments damaging your print or by turning it inside-out before putting it in the washing machine

Wash at low temperatures

Protect your design and the garment fabric by washing at as low a temperature as possible. Avoid extra spin cycles.

DO NOT tumble dry

Dry your printed garments outdoors or on a clothes rack. Hot tumble drying is not recommmended

Iron inside-out

Iron at the lowest temperature and ensure the garment is inside out. Avoid ironing heat-pressed vinyl designs

Check the label

Always check your garment label in case there are specific washing instructions.